Moving Into A New House

moving in new house Moving into your new home, as a new homeowner in Arizona, is a wonderful experience and to ensure that your home remains in good shape throughout the years, there are several important steps to take but the most important step to take is to have a house inspection done by a phoenix pest control company. This should be done before you move in; however, if it is not done before, hire a house inspector and as he goes throughout your home, go with him or her. The house inspector will check everything—top to bottom—and will provide you a detailed list of what he found during the inspection. The inspection will cost several hundred dollars but it is worth every penny and will give you peace of mind. (You can find a reliable house inspector by talking with a real estate professional or from a friend or neighbor.

Another step is to check your attic for adequate insulation. If you have an attic that is unfinished, go up and take a good look around. If you notice that the insulation is inadequate or damaged, install new insulation or have a professional insulation company do it for you. Keep in mind; most states offer financial incentives for proper insulation.

Also, ask friends and new neighbors about finding a reliable handyman. Knowing how to contact a handyman will certainly come in “handy” in case something small turns into a project. Having a handyman’s phone number available can give you peace of mind should anything go wrong. And, when it comes to electrical or plumbing problems, call professionals! They know what to do, have the experience and can get the job done. (Keep a list of repair people handy near your phone. Neighbors can give you referrals and the Internet can also give you helpful reviews on the quality of services.) And, every year have your fireplace, water heater and air conditioner inspected. Every two years have your dryer vent inspected and cleaned. These inspections take little time and can prevent a host of problems!

moving in Another step that will help is to lower the temperature on your hot water heater. When you lower the temperature, you can save money and may save someone in your family from being scalded with water that is too hot. While checking out the hot water heater, place a water heater blanket over the water heater. Even though most hot water heaters these days are insulated well, some are not. Be careful to not cover the top, bottom, burner compartment or thermostat with the blanket.